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June 1, 2002 - August 4, 2015

Cody was such a sweet girl

Cody was a very good and sweet dog. I couldn't have asked for a better dog. We grew up together. I had her since I was 15 years old. I could go on all night with stories from how she learned to open doors, to how she would eat my Dad’s socks. She was born on June 1st, 2002. She was a 100% collie, and the runt of her litter. But boy did she make up for it with all her personality.

I knew as the years rolled on I would eventually have to face this. However, nothing can prepare you for it. I will cherish her, and all of the memories we shared over the years. The things I will miss the most are things like Pee-o-Clock or how silly she could be. Sometimes she would just look at you, and it would say so much. Sometimes she would huff at you. Other times she might nudge you, or even wink at you. But I'll really miss the kisses, and paw shakes hello when I came home from work. You could have the worst day in the world. But then you would come home, and she be at door, and she be SO EXCITED to see you, and give all her love to you. It just made the whole day seem not so bad. How could you not smile? I’ll miss the constant companionship she gave me. She was a people person and never wanted to be alone. She would follow you from room to room, and be right by your side. We had so many good times. I know she lived a long and happy life.

After thirteen years, two months, and three days it was time to say good bye to my best friend. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. However she ended her life surrounded by the people who loved her most. We said our good byes, and she even used what had to be all of her strength to shake my hand one last time. Cody passed away on Tuesday August 4th, 2015 at 10:49pm. Thank you all for being part of her life. I know it meant so much to her, and it means the world to me.

Cody Karasavas
June 1st, 2002 - August 4th, 2015

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  • I remember driving down Bristol Road and seeing Cody peaking out the little hole you made so she could watch the cars go by. Nothing can ever compare to the love a dog gives us. Remember the good times, the hard times, and the snuggles you shared and know that she lived an amazing life feeling loved xoxo

  • I know the love for a pet as you know I have many, my heart breaks knowing the sadness your feeling. She lived a long happy life and that's all you can ask for. Rest easy Cody

  • You were such a cute little old lady, even when you were stealing my food while I was in the bathroom! I miss you hun, I wish I got to see you before you moved on, but you're happy now so that's what counts, and someday Yoshi will join you and you guys will run around and play like puppies again! Have a great new life Cody!

  • My poop ! I wish I had the long life stories everyone eles has with you. The past 9 months with you were amazing . I loved watching your ears perk up and how you would just look like a puppy. You had a fantastic life and I know the love and joy you brought to the people you met. Im so glad for the time I got to spend with you I do however wish there was more time. Im happy for the 1 on 1 time I got to have with you even more. Cody girl, you are so loved and missed.

  • Today is your birthday pup. You would be 14 years old. It's been hard adjusting to life with out you. I think about you everyday. You were such an amazing best friend. I will always love you, and you will always have a spot in my heart. I miss you so much! Love, -Dad

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